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R.B. Baker is a regional leader in infrastructure improvements, performing in excess of $150 million in work annually across Georgia and Florida.

We perform all phases of infrastructure and transportation work, from road and bridge construction, clearing, grading, draining, and asphalt paving for local, state, and federal entities.

Heavy Highway & Civil

Since its founding in 1990, R.B. Baker Construction, a Division of Reeves Construction Company, has emerged as an industry leader in the heavy highway and site development sector, performing large civil projects annually for the Georgia and Florida Departments of Transportation, as well as for public and private sector clients.

With its acquisition in 2010 by Reeves Construction Company, R.B. Baker Construction Company has access to a vast regional network of company resources, providing the work force, equipment and materials to get your project completed on time and within budget. Together, Baker and Reeves perform all phases of road construction, including site/earth work, utility relocation, drainage, and concrete work.

Through the years, R. B. Baker’s consistent commitment to quality performance has been recognized by the industry. Several of our heavy highway construction projects have received awards from the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) including the Quality in Construction Award, Diamond Award, and the Ecological Award (2011) which recognized industry leaders for best environmental practices.

Highway Work History
  • I-85 Resurfacing / Reconstruction MM 56-68 – Spartanburg, SC
  • I-26 Resurfacing – Spartanburg, SC
  • Roper Mountain Road Widening – Greenville, SC
  • I-385 Resurfacing / Reconstruction – Greenville, SC
  • I-85 Widening MM 77-98 – Spartanburg, SC
  • Woodruff Road Widening – Greenville, SC

Design Build

In 1999, R.B. Baker Construction was the recipient of the first Design/Build contract awarded by the Georgia Department of Transportation — the widening of I-95 through Bryan County (GA). Since that initial opportunity, we have continued to build upon our expertise and experience to where we are now able to offer our clients a complete construction management package.

Through our partners and affiliates, R.B. Baker Construction is well-situated to offer design/build capabilities for our clients. Our reputation for on-time performance and exceptional work has been perfected over two decades in the construction industry, completing site development and transportation projects throughout Georgia, Florida and the Southeast.

Our fleet of modern equipment as well as our access to plants and facilities across the region guarantees the resources needed to complete any project, regardless of size or complexity. Our commitment to using full-time, local employees brings a guarantee of stability and commitment as every project is supported by our staff of licensed surveyors, professional engineers, and project managers.

Through our parent company, Reeves Construction, along with Colas, a world leader in road construction, R.B. Baker Construction has evolved into a full-service company capable of meeting the requirements for your Design/Build projects.

Highway Work History
  • Girvin Road Improvements (2016)
  • GDOT Diverging Diamond Interchange SR 21 (2017)
  • I-16 – SR 307 (2020)


With the unique factors involved in airport infrastructure improvements, few companies have established themselves as proven partners in the field of aviation construction. Reeves Construction is among those select few companies, having successfully completed several municipal, private and commercial airport improvement contracts throughout the Southeast.

Our team of aviation construction experts fully understands the fixed deadlines, scheduling concerns and economic factors that require work to be completed while the airfields remain operational. Reeves works diligently to meet the client’s needs, with efficient execution and minimal disturbance, as we assist in completing the infrastructure improvements to meet the growing demands placed on airfields.

Ports & Railroads

As the population of the region continues to increase, so do the demands for the cost-effective and efficient methods to deliver consumer goods and products. To accommodate this growing need, more emphasis is being placed on a viable network of ports and railroads to move materials from point to point, across the region and the nation.

Over the past two decades, R.B. Baker Construction has completed many projects for the Savannah (GA) Port, the fourth busiest, and fastest-growing, container port in the nation, as well as projects at the Port in Mobile, Ala., and Jacksonville, Fla. This experience and proven success in completing port projects ensures Baker will perform quality work to accommodate the increasing demands of intermodal transportation.


With headquarters in coastal Georgia, and access to plant and facility locations throughout the Southeast, the resources of R.B. Baker Construction Company and its parent company, Reeves Construction, are positioned near many of the most active military installations in the country. This positioning provides the opportunity for R.B. Baker Construction Company to partner with many Federal entities, establishing R.B. Baker as a trusted and reliable contractor for military infrastructure improvements.


From local infrastructure to major industries, R.B. Baker Construction can tap into its extensive resources to complete a wide spectrum of commercial, industrial and municipal construction services. Our work is on display at hundreds of sites throughout Georgia and the Southeast, and each is a testament to our high standards in both our employees and our work ethics. Our commercial customer base includes not only private sector clients, but cities, counties and federal entities as well.

R.B. Baker Construction takes pride in consistently being “ahead of schedule and under budget.” This phrase is more than just another corporate tagline- it is the way R.B. Baker has done business for more than two decades, and it is consistently validated with the completion of every project and satisfied client.

Community Development

A thriving community attracts and retains new residents and businesses, allowing it to continue to grow and prosper. At R.B. Baker Construction, we pride ourselves in our partnerships with local developers as they seek to build and rehabilitate the resources within their communities that keep them strong.

For more than two decades, R. B. Baker has worked with local developers and governments on a variety of community projects from golf courses, to residential subdivisions to local business development and infrastructure. Throughout the Southeast, the many community projects we have worked on stand as a testament to the professionalism and detail to attention that R.B. Baker brings to every project.


The United States generates more than 400 million tons of solid wastes each year, with 64 percent of that total destined for municipal landfills. The increased reliance on functional landfills to process this ever-growing need has led many municipal governments to build, expand, or privatize landfills to serve their communities.

R.B. Baker Construction has served as a key partner in numerous landfill construction projects throughout the Southeast, with the guiding principle that managing landfills for optimal environmental operation must be based on the best science and technology available.

Through its long history of work on landfill projects, R.B. Baker has demonstrated its ability to meet the goal of environmental compliance and adherence to federal mandates, while understanding the unique role landfills play in a community.

Landfill Work History
  • Eagle Point Landfill, Ballground, Georgia
  • Wolf Creek Landfill, Macon, Georgia
  • Spring Grove Landfill, Charleston, South Carolina
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